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Thank you, Shelby County

For 25 years it has been our honor to celebrate with you! Whether you were searching for the perfect gift to welcome a new baby, commemorate new love or even when you just wanted to treat yourself you have trusted us and for that we are truly grateful.

It is our continued promise to provide high quality, unique gift items, home decor and accessories to our customers, with the unmatched service you deserve!

Again, we sincerely thank you, our community, for this honor and for the opportunity to know and serve you.

  • Ellie Escobedo

    Everyone meet Ellie Escobedo. She joined our team way back in 2018 and since has become part of our family. Ellie is the super talented eye behind the camera for all our Social Media posts and also manages our pages. So more than likely, if you have DM'ed us on Facebook or Insta, you've probably spoken to her. Since so many of you already know and love Ellie just like we do, we thought it would be fun to ask her some crazy questions so we could hear her answers. Why? Because enquiring minds want to know! ◦ How would you describe your style? - Recently I’ve been super into a more business casual look! Don’t get me wrong, I love a comfy t-shirt…but there is something so understated and cool about a well-styled blazer ◦ If You Could Star In A Movie, What Movie Would It Be?- Crazy Rich Asians ◦ What Is Your Most Frequently Used Emoji?- ◦ What is your favorite meal? - Hands down, a bowl from Chipotle with a side of their lime corn chips + a coke ◦ What makes you laugh?- I have no idea what makes me laugh, tik tok videos In her downtime, you may find Ellie hanging out with her mom, sister and adorable niece Emilia or working on orders for Ellie Belly’s, her new dessert business specializing in sweet & spicy treats that are seriously addictive! We hope next time you are in store or send us a DM that you make sure to say to Ellie!

  • Liz Jones

    Meet the newest member of our team, Liz Jones. Since joining us in August, she has been a wonderful addition! With a background in retail, she brings extensive knowledge and experience in merchandising and customer service. Liz was born & raised in Palm Beach, Florida. Over the years her family also lived in Minnesota, Georgia and finally relocated to Lufkin, Texas. While living there, she met her new husband, Josh. The couple was recently married on August 5th. They now make their home in Shelbyville. When not at work, you may find Liz grabbing a coffee at Center Floral or shopping at Cor Boutique. Now that you know Liz a little bit better, we hope you will pop in & say hi to her the next time you’re shopping at Lasting Impressions!

  • Kamryn Griffin

    If you have shopped with us recently, you may have noticed some new faces here at Lasting Impressions, so we thought it would be a great time to introduce you to our amazing team. To kick things off, we are thrilled to introduce you to Kamryn! Since joining our team back in July, she has proven to be a HUGE asset. Kamryn is a full time student at SFA pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. You will find her working on most Friday’s and Saturday’s and every now and then during the week. Some of the things that make Kamryn shine include: ◦ Her organization skills! They are seriously on point..she can turn any mess into a masterpiece, and makes it look easy! ◦ She is a SUPER fast learner. She jumped in with both feet when she came on board and quickly became a may find her behind the register, working on out-going shipments or wrapping up a gift if you stop by for a visit. ◦ And finally, she is hilarious! Whether she is belting out a tune or making us giggle with a funny story, her personality always shines! When she isn’t working you can find Kamryn curled up with a textbook, cooking, or spending time with her fur baby, Harlie & with friends/family! Make sure you say Hi to Kam on your next visit!

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