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Sheet Cake Pan | Bridal Shower Taighen Mathews and Trevor May

Sheet Cake Pan | Bridal Shower Taighen Mathews and Trevor May

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"Want to bake like a professional in the comfort of your own home? Our half sheet cake pan is a great large baking pan for making sheet cakes for large parties, baking cookies, roasting vegetables, and more. Made of premium heavy gauge, recyclable aluminum with strengthened handle areas, the all-purpose pan features our original pebble pattern, which allows for airflow under baked goods for more even browning and quick release! This non-coated bakeware's unique, natural non-stick properties mean consistent, reliable, and healthy results every time. The embossed pattern is also useful when greasing and flouring: it will help hold a bit of shortening that might otherwise be wiped off. To keep bakeware looking its best, hand wash promptly in hot soapy water and dry before storing (avoid detergents with a chlorine base). Put an end to baking with problematic coatings. Experience the bakeware that home bakers love and professionals praise!
Dimension: 5x12.

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