Meet Kamryn Griffin

If you have shopped with us recently, you may have noticed some new faces here at Lasting Impressions, so we thought it would be a great time to introduce you to our amazing team. To kick things off, we are thrilled to introduce you to Kamryn! Since joining our team back in July, she has proven to be a HUGE asset. Kamryn is a full time student at SFA pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. You will find her working on most Friday’s and Saturday’s and every now and then during the week. Some of the things that make Kamryn shine include: ◦ Her organization skills! They are seriously on point..she can turn any mess into a masterpiece, and makes it look easy! ◦ She is a SUPER fast learner. She jumped in with both feet when she came on board and quickly became a may find her behind the register, working on out-going shipments or wrapping up a gift if you stop by for a visit. ◦ And finally, she is hilarious! Whether she is belting out a tune or making us giggle with a funny story, her personality always shines! When she isn’t working you can find Kamryn curled up with a textbook, cooking, or spending time with her fur baby, Harlie & with friends/family! Make sure you say Hi to Kam on your next visit!

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